Day Three – January 30th, 2013

A rare day where the major news story of the day is one of some consequence, with the PM likely to use her NPC speech this afternoon to announce her intention to find “structural savings” to pay for her government’s big-ticket policies.


That story in the AFR: “Labor savings will hit middle and rich classes”

In the Oz: “Julia Gillard signals cuts to fund ALP ‘values’ as business and wealthy put on notice”

And in Fairfax: “PM gets tough on deals for well-off”


Those pesky asylum seekers won’t go away, even if the media and political hysteria has. (The Age)

The coalition announces its intention – unusual for an opposition – to reform the rules of question time when in power. (AFR)

Pacific National have been found offering staff higher rates of pay for not engaging in industrial action (Australian)

Oddly, on the same day, business and the WA government have begun “calling” for reform around the GST, and to adopt the Henry Review’s recommendations.

Today's cartoon is from Moir in The Age


“Empty numbers and a surplus of rhetoric” – Jess Irvine, Daily Telegraph

“Pessimists may finally get it right” – Ross Gittins, The Age

And for a Daily Chuckle™, try Christopher Bantick (the man who tried to have Garcia Marquez banned in schools) actually writing a piece in the Australian called “Censorship dressed up is denial of free speech”.


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